To Hell With All This Crap! Here's a 400 Horsepower Electric Car

Just Doin' Their Job--Sound Familiar? Zombie Men in Black Clamp Down on Energy Inventors! Who Pays These Morons?? Let's Get Crackin on This One! Unsolved Mysteries, Nancy Grace?? Here's a mystery with some really major implications-- Is anyone looking into it?

obsoleting the cutting edge since 2050--InforMagnet focuses on "priorities for human survival and progress."

Carlos Barrera's GearTurbineTM Engine Design Now Available to Boost Energy Efficiency in All Turbine Applications

Lone Inventor Raphial Morgado's MYTTM ("Mighty Yet Tiny") Engine

USA, 1981 Breaking Newsflash: Antique 128-mpg diesel car shuts down Detroit, Toyota! World Stunned By Speedy USA Release of Important Info to Save World From Oil Wars!

Corrected illustrations to my math paper on Fermat's Last Theorem, published in WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics, July 2004 issue, originally designated as WSEAS paper no. 10-232. This paper was submitted after it was invited by WSEAS, was fully refereed, and accepted by WSEAS standard procedure. [This paper, showing a full proof of FLT, was available in print and listed online in the WSEAS Table of Contents for about 6 or 8 months, with no critiques, then abruptly withdrawn by the publisher, without explanation, warning, or any notice given to me as author. They later said emails had come in with "bad words." A later condensed version of the same paper, submitted to WSEAS in mid-2005, brought an unethical library subscription boycott threat from one very unscholarly Cretan (apparently untutored in the rather key concept of Socratic dialogue). I was not allowed to see any of the comments or "critiques" or any summary thereof. This is outrageous, most cowardly, supremely unscholarly, unethical on the part of the attacking critics and commenters! WSEAS was courageous for having published my apparently "blasphemous" paper, even if only temporarily. Any actual math critiques of the full paper are most welcome; I would like the chance to respond and try to work out any gaps that have been thought to have been found in my paper as published in 2004. I would like to know if anyone has read my paper carefully enough to understand the initial stipulations. If my stipulations can be shown to be in error, i.e., IFF my stipulations are somehow shown to be "illegal" mathematically, then the proof fails; if not, not; because the proof follows directly from the stipulations, and is completed in the first four pages of the published paper. (Photocopy will be sent on request, to a finite cardinal number of respondents.) Thank you.

Call it a Catasteroid! Any comet or asteroid bigger than a barn, travelling at ~10-60 miles per second in relation to Earth.Click here for Spaceguard Foundation, protecting Earth from asteroids and comets.

InforMagnet Inventions and Tech Links
"Remember, nothing that's good works by itself, just to please you;
you've got to make the damn thing work." -- Thomas A. Edison

Dewey B. Larson
Understanding space and time as reciprocals of each other leads to a new understanding of physics and possibly simplified methods.

The Final Theory by Mark McCutcheon
Well-reviewed book, more conceptual physics to ponder.

Crackpots Conclusively Proven Correct Again: Tabletop Fusion Verified by Ornery ORNL
Realists trounced

Bubble Fusion

Tabletop Fusion 1968
Ignored of course, the inventor only invented what you are lookin at right now.

Free Energy Magnet Engine from Woodsy Canadian Inventor

All This Crap Is Unnecessary: Tesla's Wireless Power Transmission Method Reexplained in Modern Terms
Tesla arrogantly breaks "ahead of his time" speed limit, callously tramples on "I told ya so" law laid down by pointy-heads, before the "invention" of fire.

Zero Point Energy: Carbon Room Temperature Superconductor or Negative Resistor: Physics Explained

Simple Compressed Air Motor Vehicle
ZevCat Zero Emissions Vehicle. Vastly simpler, more durable, more energy efficient than gasoline, diesel, or electric vehicles. Now in production, superinvestment opportunity ($4,000 minimum investment, pre-IPO). Can compressed air power a vehicle? Well, right now your car is powered by gas pressure. The only difference with the airmotor is that the gas in the airmotor is not exploding; the gas pressure is constant and so the airmotor is specifically designed to utilize this constant nonexploding gas pressure. Recharge is technically no different from filling your tires, but higher pressures are needed: Air pressure tanks now available from Quantum Technologies that will hold 10,000 psi for increased range and higher torque, higher power-to-weight ratio. I believe the present configuration and technology of the Guy Negre Aircar needs considerable improvement. This technology should be supported and developed perhaps by licensing of the technology to major car companies.

New 1958 Invention Obsoletes Standard Electric Engines
Top award-winner Edwin V. Gray dies penniless, unknown, apparently shot to death--his thank-you note from a technocracy of morons. (Gray is Winner of the Inventor of the Year Award, Los Angeles, 1975, presented by then-Governor Ronald Reagan) General Motors tested his engine in 1979, and kept the results top-secret. Gray's engine is fully detailed in his published 1975 patent, quickly shelved by the US Dept. of Energy after a skeptical read-through.

Australian Inventors--Lutec 1000 Now Provides Free Electric Power.
Quoted from Lutec website: "The Lutec 1000 is the first free energy machine to be developed to commercial stage anywhere in the world. "The Lutec 1000 generator will produce up to 1000 watts of DC electricity twenty four hours a day, every day, which will be stored in a battery bank and then inverted to AC power and connected directly into the home or business. "The Lutec 1000 draws the power it requires to run itself from the same battery bank. The average house in Cairns, Queensland, uses only fourteen of the twenty four kilowatt hours able to be stored in twenty four hours by this method. "The batteries will last ten years. The generator is expected to come with a conditional ten year warranty. "The magnets that are responsible for the generation have an effective life of one thousand three hundred years." --Quoted from Lutec 1000 website located at (found via Electrifying Times website) Need updates, verification, of course.

Ergenics Hy-StorR Electric Battery Is Superefficient

Tilley Foundation Totally Beats Out All Japan and Detroit Electric Autos and All Fuel Cells and Hybrids
Claims: 200 miles range, at up to 100 mph, with no depletion of electric battery charge. Horsepower is way up there too. Light years beyond the "leading edge"! Featured in recent Electrifying Times magazine. Any critics of this project, please write to me with details. So far, it looks very important but I am not able to verify the technology beyond reading the various writeups.

KeelyNet Writeup on Robert Meyers and George Perry Generator Which Purportedly Accesses Free Energy Background of Negative Electrons
You get approximately 3 times the energy out as you put in to rotate the generator plates. So, where do we purchase this device to run at home?? Huh? Or is that too much to ask. Will try to get updates ASAP. Thanx to KeelyNet for nailing this one down to some extent!

Pooh-Poohed No More! Bearden and MEG Receive Full USA Patent Rights
Free energy using "motionless electromagnetic generator." Stick that one in your electric car and Voila! No more oil wars and no more oil pollution and no more fossil fuels and no more Greenhouse Effect. I need update on MEG "yesterday." Jean-Louis Naudin in France is doing some experimental lab work with this device.

Bearden paper, summary background info on his Astounding MEG device
Perpetual motion debunkers humiliated conclusively! Well, it is not perpetual motion per se, you are not getting energy out of a "closed system," just finally using the background zero-point-energy and--Bearden claims--finally recognizing the true physics of the situation! So what the hell, it works don't it!!! (A windmill is not a perpetual motion machine, but once you set it up, it can provide essentially "free" energy because it is not a closed system.)

Portable Evaporative Cooling Units: Cool, Dry Air for $1 per day operating cost
Why not donate one to the InforMagnet team of 1?? Cant think in this heat...

IdeasBank Comes Through with Vacuum Balloon

It's now possible to construct very high-strength, lightweight globes using carbon-fiber tech--so maybe the Vacuum Balloon can finally get off the ground? This would cut the cost of air travel to a fraction of its present cost (by reducing fuel requirements for takeoff and cruising) and also provide easy, inexpensive Vertical Takeoff and Landing for large aircraft.

Also from IdeasBank:
"A patent application for a method of lifting sunken ships by filling them with light flotation devices was refused because a patent examiner (responsible for considering the patent on behalf of the government) had seen a Mickey Mouse cartoon film in which a ship was raised by filling it with table-tennis balls. --quoted from IdeasBank website.

In other words, because the idea was considered "obvious" and generally understood, no patent was allowed for it, and this potentially beneficial method of marine salvage and rescue could not be developed commercially. That's how I understand it--or is the Mickey Mouse Ping-Pong rescue an unworkable idea for some reason? Anyway it is sort of funny to ponder this one!

Super FuelMax

"The Super FuelMAX is a small device that increases your gas mileage by up to 27.4% and snaps easily over your fuel line - no tools needed. IRD is proud to introduce the new generation of MAX Products -- Super FuelMAX.

"A certified U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laboratory recently completed tests on the new Super FuelMAX. The results were astounding! Master Service, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, also conducted extensive emissions testing and obtained similar, unheard of results. The achievements of the Super FuelMAX is so noteworthy to the environmental community, that Commercial News has featured the Super FuelMAX as their cover story in their June, 2000 edition." --quoted directly from FuelMax website. seeking additional verification

Muller Magnetic Dynamo

Unitel Aerospace Propulsion Update

Jim Cox: Electromagnetic Propulsion without Ionization (1990 Patent)

Working Antigravity Now: 1960s Dean Drive Revitalized by James E. Cox

Found via Art Bell "Coast to Coast" Radio Show and James E. Cox website. Cox claims he can produce working antigravity backpack devices powered by small engines and simple rotor devices. Human flight achieved without airplanes, wings, helium, or rockets.)

Magic Carpet Transport

American Antigravity

Robert Adams: The Golden Ratio Motor Generator
Infinite free energy? Needs some aggressive investigation.

Roundup of Advanced Technology Being Ignored
What the hell, maybe some of this stuff works!

Remember Los Alamos! Simple, Efficient New CO2-Removing Technology Cleans the Atmosphere
Burn Fossil Fuels All Ya Want!?

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
New Tom Bearden et al. Patent Is Revolutionary! Any Auto Builders Out There?

Philo T. Farnsworth: First He Invents TV Screen, Then He Patents "Tabletop Fusion" Device in 1968.

Is Inventor Full of Hot Air (bullshit) or Can Hot Air (pressurized air) Prevent Hot Air (greenhouse effect/global warming)? Air Motor vehicle Is Real -- Available Today!
Jules Verne Predicted It, Now Formula One race car designer/builder Guy Negre of France Has Built It. Phenomenal Torque, long-range, penny-per-mile operating cost. 20 percent efficiency, better than gas, oil, or electric engines. Perhaps you didn't get this through your head? Here, read it again: 20 percent efficiency, better than gas, oil, or electric engines. New Quantum Technologies air pressure tanks can hold 10,000 psi (burst-tested to 25,000 psi) so with the new air tanks the Aircar range will be even better. Reserve one today. Pretend you are just filling up your tires...

New EM Space Drive System
Works in atmosphere or in outer space.

Tabletop Fusion Bubbles at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee
Prestigious Science journal will publish. Learn the three known forms of tabletop fusion: Philo T. Farnsworth's patented "Fusor" (Farnsworth is primary inventor of television screen); Pons and Fleischman's patented "Cold Fusion" cell at University of Utah (now disgusted emigres from the USA); and now, ORNL's "Tabletop Fusion." While you're at it, check out the "perpetual motion device" made a few years back by MIT physics contestants.

MIT Plasmatron Makes Combustion Engines Superefficient and Nonpolluting
Similar to Paul Pantone's GEET engine? (plasma)

Most of your electricity is completely and unnecessarily wasted, says Bearden
"The Heaviside component is often 10 trillion times the Poynting component, but is simply wasted in ordinary single-pass energy circuits." --Tom Bearden

The Dipole Is a True Negative Resistor, says Bearden

1988 Paper by Floyd Sweet on His Vacuum Triode or Space Quantum Modulator

Floyd Sweet Vacuum Triode
Originally dubbed the "Space Quantum Modulator" by the inventor. Can it be made to provide dependable power, and can it then be mass produced? Something to keep an eye on. Tom Bearden states that there are many other methods out there to do similar things (e.g., Bearden's MEG device), but to me, the Floyd Sweet device (developed after the work of an earlier inventor) is extremely attractive due to its claimed very high power potential.

Recent Bearden Correspondence 30 kw generator constructed using permanent magnets. Not officially definable as a "perpetual motion" device, because the generator system is not isolated from its (space energy) environment; it's not a "closed system" which is what makes a "perpetual motion" device impossible.

You Needed a Perpetual Motion Device
Perpetual Motion for Dummies?

Magnet Motor Breakthrough, 1870s

Howard Johnson's Permanent Magnet Motor
It works. Free energy. Get Used to It. Isn't free energy nice. I am so glad I do not have to pay for free energy. Ahem.

Bedini Shows How Ya Build a Free Energy Generator Using Tesla Early 1900s Breakthrough
Wake up world, 1900 is almost upon us!

Westinghouse Builds Overunity Electronic Device, Then Figures Out a `Workaround' To Neutralize It, Avoid the Free Energy, and Continue Business As Usual
Hard to Believe Really. Are they giving degrees in stupidity or what.

You Live in a Flying House
No more "moving" per se. No more roads. No more parking lots. Zero Pollution. Plenty of space. Less environmental habitat destruction. Frees up wildlife to survive.

You Have Free Energy

French experimenter Jean Louis Naudin has done experiments with Tom Bearden's Motionless Electromagnetic Generator.

You Understand Where the Free Energy Comes From
Tom Bearden explains the functioning of his motionless electromagnetic generator. The energy is not "created" out of nothing; rather it is siphoned out of the infinite energy background of the universe, and used efficiently, and "recycled." This is similar to a windmill or water mill; we don't say that a windmill is a phony "perpetual motion device" creating energy out of nothing, as we can see where the energy comes from and understand it. Same here; there is background universal energy; we use it; we understand where it comes from, and like wind energy it is "free" once we have built the proper generator to tap into the free energy stream. At least this is how I understand Bearden's work so far. Anyway the patent is expected to be granted soon. Tom Bearden claims his MEG is 500% efficient--read his 69 page paper linked here.


Weird crystal device purportedly provides antigravity lift, 1927 USA. Enough details provided to try to replicate the device? Hell, if Beck and Home can float around in their pajamas, why not a hi-tech little crystal antigravity device? Bill Donavan is looking into it more deeply (see above link).

1 Gigawatt Plasma Engine Now Available
French Breakthrough

Nevada's RexResearch Aggressively Obsoletes the Cutting Edge
Do not miss this one! For example: New patented water desalination technique generates electricity while desalinating seawater. Complete plans for 100 gallons per day system.

News-To-You Flash!! New 1964 Technology: New VTOL Aircraft with about 9 Times the Power-to-Weight Ratio of the Fancy New Helicopter!
Seversky does it all with no moving parts. Aircraft may zoom to 60 miles altitude. Highly maneuverable. Immune to small arms fire. Extreme velocity. Silent operation. Power it with microturbines and you are in business. Okay, microturbine has one moving part. PWR is even better with larger models. Can be built as big as a city block. But hey let's start small huh? Replace the Boeing 777 for starters. Dang things.

Electrifying Times Reports Confidential Technologies Superefficient Rotating Transformer

Jasker Power Systems
Scofflaw Irish engineers ruffle the feathers of the Everlasting Know-It-Alls. So who's right?

British Telecom is making a Soul-Catcher computer chip

New Energy
Your Car can run on water using this device without pollution ! Costs: 400 miles = 1 $. ( One US dollar ). Uses water and aluminum wire. That's it. Now, doesn't that make you wanna click this link?? Invented by a guy in UK and found on

Solar Cell Power Doubler
Simple circuit rearrangement nearly doubles the power output from your rooftop solar photovoltaic power cells. Inventor showed this completely verified method to several top solar photovoltaic manufacturers and was COMPLETELY IGNORED. God, dont you just love this stupid country. Big dumb fat and stupid. But thanx to and others, the truth seeps out, a tiny bit at a time.


100% Efficiency with Capstone Self-Powered Boiler

AMI Touts Raymond Lewis's Methanol Fuel Cell

Methanol Fuel Cell Saves the World
Another Genius American Inventor to Ignore (Raymond Lewis). How many times in a row do we have to save the world for people to sit up and take notice, I wonder? "The fuel cell converts more than 34 percent of the theoretical energy in fuel into usable power. This is twice the efficiency of existing gasoline engines, according to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory."

Boron Is a Better Fuel Than Almost Anything--Except Itself
This guy did some homework I'd say!! Check it out. You burn a lump of boronate or whatever it is called, and then, after ya get all done, ya take the ash back to a station and pick up a new lump of boronate. They make the ash back into new fuel. It doesn't suck the oxygen out of the planet so bad as petroleum fuels do. Excuse me I am breathing. Well there's just too many ways to get rid of the ol' firebreathing auto behemoth aint there? Too bad. How about some nonpolluting aircraft and get rid of these godawful roads going everywhere destroying everything and looking like hell.

ECD Ovonics Thin-Film Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaics Beat Out Astropower and others in California Solar Shoot-Out
Finally all these murderous overheated cars and airliners in thousand-acre wasteland parking lots can power themselves.

KeelyNet--Best of the Web for New and Rediscovered Technology
Also great links to other sites exploring new inventions, physics breakthroughs, and astounding technology claims.

Tesla Turbine
Efficiencies of 80-90 percent claimed. Tesla's favorite patented device. Prediction: You'll be seeing more of this fantastically powerful and simple device especially in connection with Capstone Turbine and similar start-up hi tech companies.

New Infrared Space Heater
Superefficient ceramic/infrared/halogen? Might be a good competitor for Pelonis heater.

New Ultracapacitor

New Ultracapacitor

Tankless Water Heaters, NASA Tech
Save up to 50 percent of your water heating costs.

VTOL Technology, Various Designs

Robert Adams
has designed a free energy machine. This is constructed using simple electromagnets and permanent magnets on a rotor. Astounding claims of up to 690 percent overunity producing electricity. Anyone wanna test and report results here? Positive and/or negative results will be summarized here. I am not convinced one way or the other yet and may test the design myself. I would like to believe it works because it sounds simple and powerful. If it works, why isn't it in wide use? If it doesn't work, let's prove it and move on. Whatever.

James Griggs Hydrosonic Pump Used in New "Hydrodynamics" Technology. Available now for large industrial applications.
Sink your fangs right into this one, it's real.

Breaking News!! Tesla Turbine Stuns World with 1910 Breakthrough!
News Organizations Stun World with Quick Communication of Important News--Takes only about 90 years for brilliant engineers to even notice this thing! Amazing willingness of business and industry to receive new info.

Keep Wasting Money and Energy, or Click Here for Efficient Home Heat
When I hear of something better on the market I will let ya know.

Roundup of Overunity Devices
Embarrassingly, free energy is now available. What will be done about this problem.

Griggs Hydrosonic Pump Available Now
Ignore this please! Move along now... There's a good engineer.

Partial List of Successful Over-Unity and Negative Resistor Devices (Compiled by Tom Bearden)

What is a Primary Energy Beam and Why Should I Care?

Various New Technologies Examined and Defended

Planetary Association for Clean Energy

Superconducting Transistor
Big institutes rip off Fogal transistor?

Project Tesla: Wireless Transmission of Power
"The proposed project would demonstrate a method of energy distribution calculated to be 90-94% efficient. An electrical distribution system, based on this method would eliminate the need for an inefficient, costly, and capital intensive grid of cables, towers, and substations. The system would reduce the cost of electrical energy used by the consumer and rid the landscape of wires, cables, and transmission towers." --Project Tesla

Black Hole Just 1,600 Light Years Away

Bayles on Electrogravitation
Also see paper by Harvey Morgan entitled "Now we can go to the stars," IEEE publication Aerospace and Electronic Systems, January 1998, pages 5-10. Houston do you copy? background links on capacitors
Thanx to Jerry Decker of KeelyNet recent info on capacitors
Thanx to Jerry Decker

Tavrima Supercapacitors
World's "biggest, most powerful" capacitors for efficient electric vehicles

Maxwell Technologies Improves Electric Vehicles Using "Ultracapacitor" Reminiscent of Edwin V. Gray 1975 "Pulsed Capacitor Discharge Electric Engine"
Thanx to

Maxwell Tech "PowerCache" for GM Electric Vehicles
Thanx to

From The Latest on Edwin V. Gray's Superefficient Electric Engine patented in 1975
A mystery wrapped in an enigma...

Is this the "Zetech" which reportedly bought out the Gray device?

John Bedini Demonstrates "Negative Resistance" in Standard Lead-Acid Battery
Detailed explanation by Dr. Tom Bearden

Negative resistance explained by Jim Lesurf at Why worry about "superconductors" if "negative resistance" is just as good? Illustration and Ref.: Thanks to Jim Lesurf ( using TechWriter Pro and HTMLEdit on a StrongARM powered RISCOS machine. University of St. Andrews, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9SS, Scotland. Reproduced here by permission.

Tesla Bladeless Turbine Is 95% Efficient
No more energy crisis! Eureka!! Convert cars, planes, power plants, what have you.

Real Motors Producing Shitloads of Free Energy, or at least Claims Thereof. "Millennium Motors." God I love this job.

Jean-Louis Naudin Replicates Dr. Chung's Room-Temp Superconductor. Well, not really a superconductor--she calls it "negative resistance." Does this have some applications in the real world?

Dr. Tom Bearden Promotes Dr. Chung's "Negative Resistance"

Dr. Tom Bearden's Roundup of Important New Energy Devices and Discoveries--"Overunity List"

Genius/Charlatan Roundup by Good attempt and much needed.
Sometimes one wonders, is there really any energy anywhere in the universe? Or is the universe just jammed full with a bunch of moronic liars? I prefer to think that yes, there is some energy somewhere out there for us to hook up with. And maybe it's not too damn difficult to harness the stuff. But who knows. One quote I love: "The only way to waste solar energy is to not use it." Look at it this way, if not for free energy, we would be frozen solid right now. That's a good way to start thinking about the whole topic.

Easy Room-Temp Superconductor Pops Up in Croatia
"The Croatian scientists say that current will flow effortlessly through their material, a mixture of lead carbonate and lead and silver oxides, at up to about 30 °C.

"These results are suggestive of a transition to a superconducting state," says Georg Bednorz of the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, who shared the 1987 Nobel physics prize for discovering cuprate superconductors. So where's the big Condit-style media firestorm on this? reveals--Free Electricity and Free Desalination of Seawater in 1969 Patented U.S. Invention
1 Gallon fresh water per day or 100 gallons per day, you decide.

"Gravitational Motor" and "Gravitational Spacecraft" claims by physics professor Dr. Fran De Aquino of Maranhao State University of Brazil

ENERGY CRISIS IS OVER. (great site!) reports Solar Energy breakthrough--34 percent of blue-green light falling on this new self-assembling solar photovoltaic cell is converted to electricity!
My new MooniversityTM can run on solar power and hydroponic agriculture so let's get started. But first we need the Wallace field propulsion system powered by Randell Mills's BlackLight Power. Compare Dillon-Wagoner "spindizzy" technology chronicled in the late James Blish's SF novel Cities in Flight. It's true, as Dr. Cramer points out, that certain types of physics experiments involving spin, magnetism, etc. will not work for gravitational shielding & control. However, comparing field strengths, it seems likely that gravity may be overcome by some EM or other field manipulations we haven't fully exploited yet. That's what Wallace is claiming in his 1971 invention--he claims to have found a key new approach to aerospace propulsion and has a patent published and filed to back him up. If, as some claim, the Wallace device is unworkable or ineffective, this still does not totally negate the potential for eventual success along these lines.

New White LEDs Take Over the Home Lighting Market--Multibillion-dollar investment opportunities--Not to mention--saving the planet from energy overproduction and waste?

Technology Insights
Technology consulting

Home Power--the folks who are making it all happen! Sell your excess power back to the big boys just to piss them off!

How You Saved California by Changing Your Light Bulb

Soon From Fiat: Smallest Fuel-Cell Auto Carries 4 People
Dump Your SUVs!!

Free Energy Secrets of 'Cold Electricity'--'Splitting the positive'--Get out those slide rules, pocket protectors and white sox--Find out how Edwin V. Gray's 1975 patented, award-winning, superefficient (ignored) electric engine produced extremely high torque. Energy crisis? What the hell are we talking about?

9,426 Miles Per Gallon Achieved in 1996. Silly me, I thought I should report this. It's British gallons and an experimental model only--but still a remarkable achievement--something for car manufacturers to study and emulate (somehow--perhaps in several different ways--it can be done--)

Atomizing Water by Electrolysis

MIT Perpetual Motion Machine
No longer linking to this site, as I have received very convincing negative info about its veracity...

Dr. Deborah Chung Finds Negative Resistor in Fullerene Fiber--Superconducting Filament at Room Temperature
Key paper is probably: Shoukai Wang and D.D.L. Chung, “Apparent Negative Electrical Resistance in Carbon Fiber Composites”, Composites: Part B, 30(6), 579-590 (1999). Dr. Chung and associates have many patents available for licensing. Previously (below) I have linked Bourgoin's patented invention claiming room-temp superconductor in bismuth filaments. Doesn't it strike you as odd that these room temperature superconductor claims are not widely reported? The standard response is that a patent means nothing. So, try and patent your own room-temp superconductor (and report back to me when you've done it). What about reams of advanced scientific publications by Dr. Chung and her associates? Do these also mean nothing? Why is Scientific American (along with most other science journals) ignoring these developments? Is "establishment science" really that stupid?

Increase Gas Engine Torque, MPGs, Engine Life--Rev-Er-Up additive

60 mph, 200 km range, on Pressurized Air.
Back to the Future all over again! Guy Negre of France uses the old air motor idea, perfected with high tech and decades of work experience in automotive industry, Formula One racing, etc. Cleans the air as you drive and use the brakes. Braking repressurizes the air tank. Repressurize at gas station air pump in 2-3 min. for a few pennies. Oh wait, maybe you don't believe it.. Ok then. Keep on polluting till hell freezes over. Maybe this could be improved somehow but the inventor already has plans for a small backup gas engine to repressurize the tank while on the road, thus getting up to 80 or 100 mph. I don't see why this isn't the best thing since sliced silicon. Let's get on it and to hell with fuel cells, hybrid gas/electrics, etc., unless you wanna use em to repressurize this air cleanin car!! How about air cleanin lawnmowers? Lawnmowing is one of the most polluting things people do right now!

KeelyNet touts Lutec 1000 self-running magnetic generator for 1 kw Free Energy Production
By the way, is essential reading--Link to it now! URL:

Liquid Nitrogen Runs Engine Pollution-free, a few pennies per mile operating cost for fuel
Nitrogen is about 87 percent of our atmosphere, it's free, cheap, safe, and nonexplosive. NASA ran Moon Dune Buggy using nitrogen engine, according to

KeelyNet details 1935 water engine for car, invented and patented, with drawings. No metal fatigue/embrittlement. Hello?

KeelyNet does it again! Bourgoin's patented room temperature superconductor! This is it friends! No I am not gonna shut up! Let's get going!

American Superconductor

Cold Fusion: Fire from Water (video from Infinite Energy Magazine)
Also get their great book called Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed

Permanent Magnet Motor
You can put permanent magnet motors in the wheels, there's your 4WD electric vehicle. Real engineers are looking at this stuff. Right on.

Perpetual Motion Engine
Well it looks nice!! What the hell! According to the inventor/builder, "DESCRIPTION AND OPERATING PRINCIPLES: The Konzen Pulse Motor is a "overunity" (more power out than in) electric DC motor that works on the principle of opposing eletromagnetic coils wired to be repulsing one another in polarity so as to create mechanical power through the spin of the shaft." --quoted from Konzen Pulse Motor website.

Magic Carpet Transport
Yes, a magic carpet is possible and can be woven today! Let's get on the ball here! Why are we zooming around on fossil fuels crapping up the atmosphere for God's sake!

Dean Kamen's home page. "Ginger" aka "IT." As soon as I know more, I'll put info here.

Hilsch Vortex Heating/Cooling--Can it be made useful & efficient for space heating/cooling? Already used for "spot cooling" tools.

Dr. Jack Sarfatti Theory Paper on Shipov "Vacuum Propellor" (PDF file)

Dr. Ken Shoulders Paper--Free Energy? (PDF file)

Ken Shoulders replicates Hutchison Effect

Nanotechnology Info (found via

Weird Cavitation Effect Engine? Can it work? "Metozor"


Bearden et al. Invent "Free Energy" Device That They Claim Gets 5x Energy Input; Device May Be Upgraded to Get 30x Input Energy or More
This Is a downloadable PDF File found via Coast to Coast AM website at For many decades, Dr. T.E. Bearden has been researching the basis of present-day electromagnetic theory.

Herbal Fuel Source Obsoletes Petroleum Overnight
Now this makes sense. India does it again.

Dr. Yuri S. Potapov's Yusmar Device a.k.a. VIZOR Corporation Device Doesn't Work at All, According to this Lab Test

1995 Infinite Energy Editorial on Cold Fusion and Related Tech

Onboard Hydrogen Generator

Improvements in VMSK for Wireless

This spot will be devoted to the highest-miles-per-gallon vehicle currently available to purchase on the U.S. market as a standard production vehicle.

Space Quanta Research
For the prototyping prospects list?

Hy-StoreTM Battery is superefficient

New Ultrasonic Spark Plug Saves 1/5 of Your Gasoline--Stick This in a Hybrid!

Patented EVGray Engine Needs to Be Developed and Marketed As Soon As Possible

List of Suppressed Inventions

Plans for Bizarre New Technologies

Water Explosion Triggered by Ultrasonics: Ray Gun?
Hole reported blasted through ceiling and roof of lab using simply water and ultrasonic frequency generator (thus verifying Keely's discoveries in the 1800s).

Refrigeration and Heating Using Compressed Air (Hilsch)
"In Hilsch's hands, proper selection of the air fraction f (~ .33) and an input pressure of a few atmospheres gave rise to an amazing output of 200 C at the hot end and -50 C at the cold end[2]. Hilsch, who was the one to coin the term Wirbelrohr, used the tube in place of an ammonia pre-cooling apparatus in a machine to liquefy air." --found on Bill Beatty's Weird Science website.

Affordable Electric Cars: $.015 per mile operating cost

Wallace Kinemassic Drive Improved

Roswell Connection to Bell Labs: Back Engineered "Foreign Technology" a la Phil Corso: TCAP--new Terahertz CPU technology (ACC)

Water for Fuel--any way to make this efficient?

Zero Maintenance Thermoacoustic Engine Has No Moving Parts
Ready for development now.

Pelonis Disc Furnace

High tech can even make sane electrical resistance heaters!

Advanced Transportation

Moller International Skycar: Now for a New Engine...

Burbank, CA: Batmobile BAT SuperCar Beats Toyota Prius: 93 mpg at 40 mph, 80 mpg at 55 mph: Crank 'em Out Detroit!!

Primitive But Hey.. Aircar Tech by Moshier

Advanced Technology For the 21st Century and Beyond

(© Mark Porringa, 1999) "Welcome to my web page on ADVANCED ENERGY AND PROPULSION research. I am gradually posting information regarding the Engineering of the Zero Point Field of Quantum Mechanics which a small but growing number of scientific heretics like myself are discovering underpins every aspect of our material reality and then some. At this site you will find revolutionary, yet simple theories dealing with Nuclear Fusion/Fission, Gravity, Inertia, Matter, Electromagnetics and so forth. Based on my informal research over the past few years, I believe we are on the verge of a quantum leap in science and technology unparalleled in human history, based in a revived theory of the Aether/Ether of classical physics. RELATIVITY with all its crazy constraints and paradoxes is pronounced DEAD."

"Faraday's Final Riddle: Does the Field Rotate with the Magnet?" by A. G. Kelly

The Institution of Engineers of Ireland

Water to Fuel: A Working Car Fuel System Using Electrolysis. Run Your Car on Water Now

Vortex Propulsion: 50% Increase in Fuel Efficiency of Jet Turbines Using Vortex Physics

"Brilliant Mad Scientist" Mark Bean (found via Art Bell website)

Antigravity in the Laboratory
80% gravity reduction claimed, using electrically charged weights in a laboratory. Any labs willing to try replicating these results? Or is this of no importance? Verification/refutation needed ASAP. Please contact me if bona fide test results are achieved independently. Email: Jay Dillon at:

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

BlackLight Power
Randell Mills's Major New Hydrogen Energy to replace all fossil fuels, backed by Ronald Reagan's former energy secretary. Zero pollutants from engine. No greenhouse effect. Technology is based on Mills's major breakthrough physics work entitled "The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics."

Energy Device Inventor Dr. Albert de Vree is reported to have committed suicide in 1998. Anyone with information regarding his life and work, and any available details of his invention claims, please write to me at

Byron Wine's Energy Information
200 to 400 MPG possible using combined energy efficient technologies? Energy problem or political problem?

New Supercompact, Efficient Electric Engine Revolutionizes the Electric Motor Industry

David Deak's Ultrasonic Inventions, Theory

MIT-Lemelson Center for Invention

NewsFlash: Dixxonn Corporation (Airmotor Conversions) Reportedly Bought Out by "Hardiman Enterprises Worldwide." Anyone with info on where to buy stock in the new company that will power normal car engines by compressed air?

Superefficient Ultrasonic Dissociation of Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen Can Run a Car Off the Released Hydrogen Using a Combined Splitter/Recombiner Tank of about 1 quart capacity for a car (no dangerous hydrogen storage required--splitting and burning done inline as water passes to and through the combustion chamber.. (KeelyNet does it again!! Many thanx)

Quantum Physics Is Over!(?)

Weird Construction Projects for Hobbyists, Tinkerers

Faster-Than-Light Scalar Radio Transmitter Claimed
"In contrast to the common Hertzian transverse vector waves, scalar waves travel, or rather materialize at the receiving end, at superluminal velocities. Scalar waves also quite effectively penetrate through objects, such as a Faraday Shield, which would stop an ordinary electromagnetic (Hertzian type) wave." --Jean Naudin

Time/Antigravity Anomalies: Dr. Wilbert Smith's Caduceus Coil. FTL Scalar Electromagnetic Transmission Claim.

Basic Caduceus Coil Construction Technique

A German engineer has patented a "Gyroscope Combustion Motor." More info soon.

INE Ratings System for New Fringe Work

Space Propulsion Patents

John Searl's Free Energy and Antigravity Engine: Is This True or What?

Free Energy Motor, 1979: Johnson Permanent Magnet Motor, U.S. Patent #4151431

Quaternion Physics (Doug Sweetser)

Quarternion Calculator

Harold Aspden Writing on Gravitation

Gravity Wave Research

Click blackboard to get to Jean Naudin's Antigravity Lab. Photo shows T. Townsend Brown's drawing of a flying saucer design from Adamski, a very early UFO experiencer. Blackboard at Bahnson Laboratory.

David Cowlishaw's Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster

Invention Secrecy in the United States

World Spacedrives Development Organization

Existing Antigravity Patents List

New Energy Links

Quantum Physics Intro

Diamond Coating Process

Shirt-Button Turbines Under Development

Advanced Technology News

Goldstein and Associates: Inventors' Consultants

Reactionless Drive Prototype with Theory

Info for Financiers of Reactionless Drive Technology (for Spacecraft propulsion)

Investors Looking for Business Proposals, New Inventions, etc.

Heat Pipe with Mercury: Antigravity Force Field Claimed. Verification needed.

Millennium Frontier--a great link for new technology, new physics theories, new inventions and discoveries!

Matter Waves: "Now that you know something about physics, it's time for a curve ball."

Henry William Wallace's Antigravity "Kinemassic" Field Generator

Henry Wallace's Patents: Still Need Link to Full Text

Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology Subscribe!

Does Antimatter Fall Up or Down?

Antimatter Propulsion to Mars

Farrow Antigravity
"Reduction of Weight Using a Hertzian Wave Generator" in 1911

Henry W. Wallace, US Patent 3,626,605 (14 pages). "Method and Apparatus for Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field." Antigravity patent filed Nov. 4, 1968, granted Dec. 14, 1971. Back-engineered from Roswell? Or is this a nonworking "crank" invention? Comments welcome.

A Working(?) Antigravity Device Patented in 1970. Stirniman writes that the Wallace device had only minor, unuseful effects; the patent itself claims full gravitational field neutralization and reversal (antigravity). Who is correct? Testing/prototypes needed.

"Einstein-synchronisation of Clock-Stations Challenged," by A.G. Kelly

Physicist Jack Sarfatti Comments on Philip Corso's Back Engineered Alien Technology


American Computer Company's Transcapacitor

ACC's TransCap

ACC's PhotoNitron

Further TransCap Development (ACC)

Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology

Shirt-Button Turbines

Finsrud Perpetual Motion Machine Update (via KeelyNet)

Chernetskii: "The model of a plasma generator which can convert physical-vacuum energy into electricity has been developed under Prof. Alexander Chernetski at the Moscow Georgi Plekhanov Institute of the National Economy." (Andrei Samokhin, via KeelyNet)

Finsrud Update

Air Motor: A Car That Runs on Compressed Air at 96% Efficiency (via KeelyNet)

New Automobile Technologies

Airmotor Conversions by Dixxonn Corporation
Self-Regenerating High-Efficiency Power Supply for Automobiles Claimed

AGD Antigravity Gyroscopic Device (via KeelyNet)

Transcap: New Jersey Company Reexamines Old Roswell Notes, Finds Key Transistor-type Device Missed by IBM (from KeelyNet, Dec. 7, 1997)

"Exploring the Use of PNP Bipolar and MOSFET Transistors in Implementing the Neutronics Dynamic System" (found via KeelyNet) Revised 11/11/97, by Ronald G. Spencer

First Discoverer of "Brown's" Gas (1966 Patent) Weighs In

Hal Puthoff Interviews Possible Roswell Crash Witness (1993)

Electrogravitics Technology Is "Antigravity"

Links and Summary on Electrogravitics and Its Discoverer, U.S. Government Scientist T. Townsend Brown

Key Background Info Relating to Roswell and Back Engineering of Alien Technology (via Art Bell's Terrific Website!!)

World Future Society, Boston Chapter--Great Linx!

Technology Transfer

World Future Society

Muller Magnetic Dynamo
"The Muller Dynamo is virtually lossless, produces very little heat and opposing electromagnetic forces (back emf) which normally increases the required torque (energy) to generate electrical current. It can be fabricated with only 25% of the material of conventional motor/generators at substantially less cost."

Innovative and Simple Magnetic Brake Demonstrates Electromagnetic Principles

Water Conversion to Hydrogen and Oxygen with New (Improved) Welding Method

Invest in Radical New Technology with Horizon Tech

Russian Conference Announcement: Electrostatic Accelerators

Alexander Frolov

Croatia-- New Energy Device: Water Power-Ratio Amplifying Engine!

Messer - The Israel Idea Promotion Center

Scalar EM Beams: Asteroid Stoppers?

Tesla's Big Eye

Sagnac Effect Discussion

Spinning Ball of Light Forms Crop Circles

Vortices Wow Britain

Thanx to Jean-Louis Naudin for Publicizing: Gyroscopic Energy Generator Patented (1996)

Vortex Energy as Applied to Hydroelectric Generators
Old Low-Tech Made Spankin' New!

David Adair

David Adair

David Adair

Gate Inventions Monitoring

Conference on Electrostatic Accelerators (Obninsk, Russia)

Jean-Louis Naudin Replicates T.Townsend Brown Electrogravitics Device (Fully Illustrated)

Jean-Louis Naudin's Investigations into T.Townsend Brown's Electrogravitics Technology

Lorentz Force Analyzed
Loophole Found in Newtonian Physics for Operation of "Overunity" Devices

New Engine Burns Carbon!??
Paul Pantone Knocks Your Sox Off!

INE's Critical Review of ZPE, FE, and Over-Unity Experiments and Devices


Stefan Marinov Defends Sievers' Becocraft Company Against Charges of Fraud

Electric Spacecraft Journal

About Stefan Marinov

Innovators' Resources

Where Electrical Science Went Wrong (DePalma)
"After a thoroughgoing critique and examination of his data [Dr. Robert] Kincheloe [Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University] concludes: 'DePalma may have been right in that there is indeed a situation here whereby energy is being obtained from a previously unknown and unexplained source. This is a conclusion that most scientists and engineers would reject out of hand as being a violation of accepted laws of physics, and if true has incredible implications.'"

Joe Champion Heads Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutation Project

McKie's Patent for "PODMOD" Energy Generator

Hi-Mileage SuperCarburetors Ready for Production Now!

Power from Autoelectronic Emissions
Excerpts from Correas' Theoretical Work (EDITED EXCERPTS FROM "ADVANCED COMMUNICATION ON A NEW POWER TECHNOLOGY", LABOFEX DEVELOPMENT REPORT S3-001) By P.N.Correa, MSc, PhD, and A.N. Correa, HBA; Labofex Experimental and Applied Plasma Physics, Ontario, Canada

Abstracts of Correas' U.S. Patents

Harold Aspden Claims One-Watt Overunity for Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa's Device

U.S. Office of Energy Intelligence Recognizes Successful Cold Fusion by Clean Energy Technologies

Griggs Hydrosonic Pump
"The Hydrosonic Pump of James Griggs may produce 10% to 50% excess power as steam or hot water-in the kilowatt range, from a metal cylinder rotating in ordinary water in a confined chamber. This is remarkable enough, and has already been confirmed to have reduced the electric heating bills in some US installations. But Dr. Yuri S. Potapov's devices input several kilowatts of electricity into a centrifugal water pump that feeds the device and gets out reportedly 400% to 1,000% excess power in hot water!" Infinite Energy Magazine Ref.: Dr. Yuri S. Potapov, YUSMAR, 277012 Kishinev, Moldova, Soviet Union. TEL 011-3732-233318; FAX 011-3732-233318.

DOE Fuel Cell Programs

Oct. 21 (Reuters): Hybrid Electric BREAKTHROUGH!

Newest Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Tera Analysis Company

Direct Magnetic Energy Conversion

Subquantum Kinetics Summary

Subquantum Kinetics Book

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Henry William Wallace's "Kinemassic" Antigravity Field Generator (1971 Patent)

The entire U.S. Patent Text as a searchable and downloadable MS-Word document file.

Please note that the field effects claimed by Wallace using his device are not miniscule; rather, Wallace claimed complete neutralization and reversal of the gravitational field of the Earth or any other planetary body.

A collection of links to various Henry Wm. Wallace files on the Internet: This includes graphics files for the patent drawings.

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InforMagnet Inventions Links


Pulsed Electric Motor Generator
"Anybody who tells you that there is no such thing as perpetual motion is either ignorant or a liar, As Robert Adams states, "Our universe is a sea of energy -free, clean energy. "It is all out there waiting for us to set sail upon it" Adams has built a number of permanent magnet electric D.C. motor generators based on the principle outlined in this article, some of which have demonstrated an electrical efficiency of 690% and a mechanical efficiency of 620%. The devices run at room temperature."


Harold Aspden
"It seems that Dr. Correa has conquered the problem of electrode over-heating and, after long duration running of the many devices he has built using different electrode configurations, shapes and materials, his development is now at the point where predictably 40 megawatt-hours of energy can be delivered from something of light weight construction that one can hold in one hand. Imagine holding something that can deliver 2 kilowatts of electrical power output and keep going for 20,000 hours. Then ask yourself when we can expect to see electrical vehicles on our roads using somewhat larger versions of those tubes."

BEARDEN (see also: Sweet)

Bearden says these are the basis for a more complete physical theory...

  • Free Energy
    "Classical electromagnetics theory is seriously flawed, with archaic foundations, riddled with errors, and it should be completely redone."


    Scalar Wave Detectors

    The Virtual Times

    Master Principle




    Bessler's Wheel


    Investment Opportunity

    BROWN, T.T.

    1964 "Ionocraft"

    1994 Conference

    T. Townsend Brown

    T.Townsend Brown


    BROWN, Yull

    Yull Brown


    Arthur C. Clark


    American Pure Fusion

    Cold Fusion Q&A

    Cold Fusion

    Cold Fusion Breakthrough!!

    Russ George

    Cold Fusion

    Cold Fusion


    Corso's book is a "must read"


    Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster

    DATA BANK - FUTURE by Philippe Evrard



    Tidal Power


    Homopolar Generator
    Many fascinating ideas here.


    EarthTech International


    Electrogravitics and Zero-Point Energy

    Dipole Anti-Gravity


    Omicron Project

    Patented Gravity Propulsion System

    Electrogravitics 1955 Paper Declassified

    Electrostatics Society of America

    Courses on Electromagnetism


    National Institute for Discovery Science

    Internet Pilot to Physics

    Net Advance of Physics

    New Ideas in Natural Science
    International Conference: St. Petersburg, Russia, June 17-22, 1996.

    The SubSpace Project

    New and Alternative Theories of Physics

    Institute for New Energy

    New Energy Technology

    Stefan Hartmann's Overunity Homepage

    Nu World of Energy, Science & Technology

    Papers on Energy Conversion

    Alternative Technology, Free Energy

    Suppressed Energy Technology!!


    Finsrud's Perpetual Motion Machine
    So? the telephone was thought to be a kid's toy! Check this out!


    The Neurophone Absolutely vital technology. Who's listening?

    The Neurophone: How to Order


    Fogal Transistor
    "`It's not voodoo. It's not magic. It's just science that has been on the shelf since 1903,' said Mr. Bearden, a retired Army aerospace nuclear engineer."

    Fogal Home Page

    Tom Bearden on Fogal Transistor


    Pulsed Capacitor Discharge Engine
    Where is this guy?"`The EMA motor promises to make the world a cleaner place in which to live,' says Gray, who has spent 12 years developing the engine. `Perfection of the EMA motor as a generating source could mean the availability of inexpensive power to underdeveloped nations.'"

    GRAY (cont'd)

    Continued from above..


    The Homopolar Handbook: A Definitive Guide to Faraday Disk & N-Machine Technologies, by Thomas Valone. Looks vital to me.


    Interstellar Propulsion Society


    Electronics On-Ramp

    MicroPatent: PatentImages and The Trademark Checker

    Inventors' Alliance

    Invention Master List

  • Invention Grab Bag

    The Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation

    Stanford Research Institute


    Infinite Energy Magazine

    Space Energy Journal
    "Contrary to the policies of some other alternate energy journals, we do intend to endorse and support free energy units and systems which show a positive test and track record. It is our policy to introduce new free energy technologies for usage, and support the continuance of research in these fields."

    Journal of Scientific Exploration


    Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
    John Keely This guy was onto something.. but what? Anyone?


    Dewey B. Larson
    Conceptual physics


  • Loschmidt


    Magnet Laboratory (Amsterdam)
    Mag-Lev of Living Frog (found via Art Bell)

    Neodymium Supermagnets

    Magnetic Wankel Motor

    A free energy technology (overunity), meaning, you get more energy out than you put into the device-- right? So, why isn't this being promoted? Or am I missing something here?

    Project Magnet

    Hamel's Spinning Magnetic Disc

    MILLER, et al.

    Quantadyne Corporation's PETA Power(TM) System


    T.H. Moray's Revolutionary Radiant Energy Generator


    Jean-Louis Naudin's
    Overunity and Electrogravitation

    Proof(?) of Overunity in Jean-Louis Naudin's Time Energy Pump


    Joseph Newman's Energy Generator:

    Joseph Newman


    G-Strain Energy Background

    Seike Shinichi


    Tom Bearden

    on Floyd Sweet's Phase-Conjugated Vacuum Triode

    Tom Bearden
    on Phase Conjugation.

    Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode

    "Nothing Is Something:
    The Theory and Operation of a Phase-Conjugated Vacuum Triode," by the late Floyd A. "Sparky" Sweet, June 24, 1988.

    Tom Bearden & Floyd Sweet "Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics to Tap Vacuum Energy"

    "As far as I've been able to determine, nothing has happened beyond the claimed transfer of the only working Sweet machine to one of the big car companies." (KeelyNet writer discussing the late Floyd Sweet's invention, the Phase Conjugated Vacuum Triode Amplifier).


    RQM's Space Quantum Manipulation

    Investment Summary (RQM)

    Purchasing RQM stock

    Participation with RQM


    International Tesla Society

    The Tesla Switch

    Nikola Tesla


    Nikola Tesla


    The Urine Car




    Tewari Space Power Generator


    Water Fuel Cell
    The inventor Stanley Meyer is said to have up and died from some strange unknown type of food poisoning, how convenient for the big oil producers. (I mean if Meyer had something that was for real--they'd stand to lose their shirts right??) I'm not paranoid but sometimes I wonder about these things. Inventors, of all people, should not just die suddenly with lousy explanations.


    Zenergy Corporation


    Zero-Point Energy

  • InforMagnet

    Language Translator by AltaVista

    Space Exploration

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    Civilians in Space, Space Tourism, etc.

    "The least likely scenario is that we would find [a large asteroid or comet] that could hit in the next year. The chance is 1 in 100,000. In that case, there is probably little that we could do to divert it." --Quote from NASA's Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking website.

    Asteroid Movie

    An asteroid movie comin' at ya!

    Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous!

    NASA: Asteroid Hazards

    Image of Jupiter Being Struck by Shoemaker-Levy Fragments

    Graph Showing Cumulative Asteroid Detection

    Click here for Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking Website

    Join Spaceguardfor emergency mobilization to defend Earth from asteroids and comets. This is currently Priority One.

    Join SpaceGuard today.

    Near-Earth Asteroid Info

    1997 XF11 Home Page by JPL

    Here's one that passed within 3.5 million miles of Earth in 1989. It's about 1 mile wide, a planet killer.

    Potentially Hazardous Asteroids: Close Approaches

    Close Earth Approaches of Asteroid 1999 AN10: Resonant and Non-Resonant Returns

    Experts Want Asteroid Search

    40-Year Asteroid Warning

    Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking Home Page

    Click for Near-Earth Asteroid Info

    InforMagnet Environmental Priorities


    Albert Aul Desalinates Water While Generating Energy
    Patented invention better than traditional desalination technologies? Verification needed.

    BAAT Biodiesel
    Renewables can replace fossil fuels.

    Black Water Off Florida Investigated in Detail by Linda Moulton Howe

    Gorlov Helical Turbine 35% Efficient
    Great for tidal power.

    Keep Wasting Money and Energy, or Click Here for Efficient Home Heat
    When I hear of something better on the market I will let ya know.

    Fire Ants Take Australia
    This should be relatively easy to deal with. Their brains, if any, are much smaller than ours.

    Predicted Megatsunami Can Wipe Out East Coast of USA
    La Palma Volcano--Can "wave cancellation" techniques, using underwater depth charges, reduce the disaster hazard?

    Ground Swell at Three Sisters Presages Supervolcano?

    Ok what do we do about this.

    Astropower Building a Sustainable Energy Economy

    USGS Warning on Methane Hydrates, Greenhouse Gases

    Vortec Energy -- Wind Turbines

    Friends of Taunton Bay (Maine USA)

    Water Desalination: New Tech


    FrogLog: Decline of Frog Populations Worldwide

    Earth Sheltered Housing

    Earth Sheltered Housing

    Earth Sheltered Housing

    Earth Sheltered Housing

    Earth Sheltered Housing

    Earth Sheltered Housing

    Indoor Fish Farms

    Cornell Indoor Aquaculture

    Aquaculture in Maine

    Comet/Asteroid Impact Images (Artist's impressions)

    Asteroid Movie



    Plant It 2000

    Link Your Page to Malthus

    WorldWatch Institute

    Earth-sheltered Homes

    Environmental Security

    Can the World's Fish Be Saved?


    Rhoades Car

    Institute for Advanced Technology

    Greenhouse Effect

    NASA: A 2 km wide asteroid would end global civilization. Note that this linked picture shows an asteroid much wider than 2 km. Also, you cannot really visualize the velocity of such an object, which may be travelling at 20 to 30 miles per second--much faster, vastly heavier and billions of times more massive than a rifle bullet! The oversized asteroid shown in the linked illustration would undoubtedly fracture the Earth into small fragments and vaporize most of it. This is therefore the premier environmental hazard we face--it is a real hazard and must be dealt with before anything else. Top priority over all other human problems.

    SpaceGuard Foundation

    Negative Population Growth

    Global Warming

    Did Global Warming Kill Off the Dinosaurs?

    InforMagnet Political Priorities

    "Do one good thing every day."

    7 Seas

    Rat on a Terrorist

    Terrorism Research Center

    United States Department of Defense

    Chronic use/abuse of any drug is bad, but the unworkable marijuana prohibition should be ended.

    Islamic Clerics Issue Fatwa in 1999: Executing Osama Bin Laden is legal under Islamic law
    Fatwa vs. Fatwa

    $5 Million Reward: Osama Bin Laden
    Why not allow commercial pilots to carry handguns? Why no computer control lockout for commercial aircraft to prevent them from approaching major urban centers or stray from flight path? Why no surface to air missile capability to protect major urban centers? Send all baggage by separate cargo planes? Why no border security between U.S. and Canada/Mexico? Why no autopilot override and remote or automatic landing capability for aircraft when controls are grabbed by unauthorized persons?

    End Taliban Fascism in Afghanistan
    Support RAWA. Bring Taliban leaders and their puppets to face due justice under international law. Open up freedom and democracy for all in Afghanistan. End the suppression of human rights and women's rights under fascist state "religion." No more psycho-religionist/dogmatist excuses for fascist oppression.

    Love's Bridge, helping street kids in Perm, Russia

    Catholic Controversy regarding contraceptives

    Anti-Defamation League

    Feminists for Free Expression

    Garrett Hardin, The Ostrich Effect: Our Population Myopia

    No More Hiroshimas


    Israeli Commando Speaks on Neo-Nazis

    Scapegoat Nation


    The Conformity Police

    World Constitution and Parliament Association

    Disaster Relief

    United States Peace Corps

    Overpopulation: Ehrlichs

    Russian Link

    Contemporary Conflicts Worldwide

    The Carter Center

    Soros Foundations Network

    Legalize Plants and Animals? Gee, tough question...

    DESIP: Demographic, Environmental, and Security Issues Project

    Holocaust Prevention

    Negative Population Growth

    Federation of American Scientists

    Ellen Klein's Critique of Knee-Jerk Feminism

    Intelligence Watch Report

    Prisoners' Rights Project

    Covert Action Quarterly, MediaFilter, etc.



    Some Feminist Groups Acting as "Hate Groups"?

    Men's Issues

    Estimated World Population

    Trend of U.S. Population

    InforMagnet Artificial
    Intelligence and
    Conscious Computers

    Faster than Light Data Transmission Cable Available for Purchase
    I checked this out in 2015 but when I came back, my notes and memory were erased. Test it out today!

    AAPSK or VMSK/2 Speedup Real or Phony?

    "With VMSK/2, each subcarrier can transmit 2.044 Mbps—enough to convey 16 CD-quality MP-3 stereo streams." --Don Strassberg, Senior Technical Editor, EDN Access.
    More recently VMSK/2 or AAPSK technology was refuted by "The Guru's Lair." But EDN Access has an interesting article explaining the technology and claims made by AlphaCom. Not sure who is correct. You can register with EDN Access and read Strassberg's article from 2000. Also, look for AlphaCom on the Internet--they are, or were previously, promoting R&D into VMSK/2 and hold several key patents on the technology.

    One Gigabyte Flash Memory on Your Keychain
    You can take it with you. So much for clunky disk drives.

    Quantum Programming
    Quantum Programming

    Transcapacitor Technology Laboratory
    Jack Shulman of ACC Rewrites the Book on Computer Technology--New back-engineered device operates at terahertz speeds, thousands of times faster than Intel's Pentium 4.

    Theseus Logic: Asynchronous Neural Networks?
    Chuck out your computer clock and gain 30 percent in energy efficiency, run cooler, faster, more compact CPUs.

    Colossal Storage: Ferroelectric Holographic Data Storage, hundreds of terabytes per square inch Boots Up Baby

    Light Reading (optical networks, switching & routing background info, news etc.)

    Trellis Photonics Makes Optical Switches/Routers, nonmechanical, no moving parts
    Also Civcom and Lynx Photonic Networks seem to be on the same track. I believe all three are privately held companies at this point 7/18/2001. Will update when more info comes in. (JDSU buyout possibility?)

    "Quantum Computer" Mime Uses Classical Physics Wave Interference. Read about Dr. Ian Walmsley at Rochester Lucent Bell Labs--We are talkin Fast. This is probably a good way to go--back to the future!
    I'm not saying that present-day computers are no good. For example, right now I'm using a Pentium II 233 Mhz "clunker" and love it. It's just that when new tech is considered and chosen, we have to try to go for the best. This kind of considered approach could have prevented the disastrous overuse of CO2-releasing energy sources, disastrous investments in certain highly dangerous and primitive forms of nuclear power technology, and so forth.

    Unitel quantum optical computer and aerospace

    Quantum Optics at University of Rochester

    New Light-Based Computer Runs at Quantum Speeds

    All About the TCAP: ACC Staffer Reveals More Details About NJ Firm's Remarkable Discovery Based on Roswell UFO Crash Investigation. Recent email query to and response from British Telecom confirms existence of TCAP. BTY awaits TCAP development by major computer tech firms. GE, Intel, Texas Instruments, IBM, Lucent, vying for production rights according to Jack Shulman of American Computer Company. This could be a joke, but then why did British Telecom's spokesperson confirm the existence of the TCAP and its 12-terahertz switching speed?

    Transcapacitor Article

    Roswell Lab Shopkeeper dies, gives TCAP/Photonitron secrets to Jack Shulman (20,000 pages of lab notes)

    Reverse Engineering History by Jack Shulman of American Computer Company
    I have ordered a TCAP (transcapacitor) how do you program these things? Also I wonder if the Lab Shopkeeper's Notebook tells how to build a Wallace engine? Is that where Wallace got his antigravity patent from?

    IT Skeptic Blasts ACC, Jack Shulman and TCAP

    TCAP, American Computer Company "transcapacitor," terabyte data storage?


    Center for Quantum Computing

    Opto-Chip, Larry Dalton

    AAPSK = VMSK/2 Improved VMSK Technology Crams More Info Going Everywhere Faster

    ACC Transcap Update: Exabyte-level CPUs and Neural Nets from Roswell Crash Site? God I love this stuff!
    American Computer Company announces Startling New Revelations about the Transcapacitor: COMPOUND TRANSCAPACITORS appear to act like "CONNECTIONIST NETWORKS" leading to their ability to be Programmed: Could this lead to a New Kind of CPU capable of Artificial Intelligence Functions?

    Neural and Adaptive Systems with Interactive CD ROM


    Exceptional New AI Links

    These are Honda's newest robots. Please click here to learn more about them.

    What Is Quantum Computing?

    Intel Corporation

    InterchangeLab's Proteus Robot

    NeuroSolutions - Click here for a free evaluation copy of this Neural Network software.

    Here's Brain!

    Interchange Lab's Proteus: Conscious Computers and Autonomous Robots

    Mindwaves Institute, Boston

    Neural Networks, Brainwaves, and Ionic Structures (Dejan Rakovic)
    "Our theoretical model [2] implies that the electromagnetic (EM) component of that oscillatory brain activity (ongoing (EEG) and evoked potentials (EPs), i.e., brainwaves, can be closely related to global broadcasting associated with consciousness."

    Talk to MegaHAL

    Neural Networks: Links Page



    Neural Networks Sites on the Web

    International Neural Network Society

    InforMagnet Health and Longevity Priorities


    Prosextra for Men and Women
    Hepatitis C Patients' Testimonials -- Colloidal silver seems to help reduce the virus
    Get Robey Colloidal Silver Generator Listed Below

    Prozac Side Effects
    And you thought the blues were bad? Stay blue or turn green... Which will it be? Note: Don't go off antidepressants suddenly--and replace with natural ones such as SAMe or TMG which helps produce SAMe. SAMe has been called the "best known natural antidepressant." Any "side effects" for SAMe would be positive rather than negative, with standard dosages.

    Rejuvamin HGH Booster Supplement

    14-yr-old Cures Deafness, Govt Censors Him for Decades

    Ebola Cured. Greed Unchecked.
    "Another anticipated problem is finance. Pharmaceutical companies may be reluctant to invest in the development of a cure against rare tropical diseases." Next topic. African villagers cannot afford this treatment, so we let the human race completely die, I suppose? Hello? For God's sake let's get this mass produced and available to everyone! Yes, including the poor and the black, for Chrissakes! It's Xmas, think of it that way. Why haven't we been hearing about Dr. Maurice Iwu and his work? This is INTOLERABLE IGNORANCE. I have not yet found anything indicating that Dr. Iwu's work was invalidated or disproved.

    Dr. Maurice Iwu, affiliated with Walter Reed Institute of Army Research, late 1990s. So, if we have this established way to cure Ebola, why not publicize it and produce it? If the US Army has since come out with a negative report on this antidote for Ebola, I think we need further independent work to verify or disprove Dr. Iwu's work.

    Dr. Maurice Iwu
    Headlines will read: Witch doctor cures Ebola. Ya gotta love this one.

    Ebola Cure
    Traditional native cure used by witch doctors in Africa shuts out the pharmaceutical giants.

    Verified Ebola Cure
    May not be usable as an effective cure for Ebola, warns USAMRIID.

    Ebola Zaire Fan Club
    I include a link to this crassly titled site because it mentions an African herbal remedy to stop or control Ebola virus in humans: Garcinia kola tree of Africa.

    BBC Sez Bioflavonoids Stop Ebola in Humans
    Simple traditional cure from the bush (Garcinia kola tree--see link above) may also stop many other viruses.

    Some important issues

    Deadliest Five Disease/BW Agents Summarized by USAMRIID

    The Weirdos Are Right Again! Magnet Therapy for Depression

    Weirdos Right Again--Scientifically Proven in Israel at the Technion

    International Coalition for Drug Awareness
    Click here for some dissenting info on `seratonergic' drugs like Prozac and its clones, as well as other drug-related controversies. (Thanx to Art Bell's great radio show "Coast to Coast AM"--see his great website at for more info.)

    Harvard Medical School Uses Powerful Electromagnet to Treat Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Other Conditions

    New Tom Bearden Slideshow
    Relates to Electromagnetic Health Technology, Antidotes to Chemical & Biological Warfare, and Medical Treatments for Serious Injury (Robert O. Becker wound healing and bone fracture healing techniques). Includes new physics and electromagnetic theory. Assessment of present and near-future military threat by rogue states.

    Ebola/Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak Alert Center
    As one doctor put it, a patient suffering from haemorrhagic fever "literally melts in front of your eyes."

    Ultimate HGH
    Reverse physical aging process by stimulating your own HGH production. Secretagogue boosts HGH levels. Why look your age. Make your age look like you.

    Govt Ignores Anti-Biowar Breakthrough: NanoBio Corporation stops viruses and bacteria using simple nano-oil cream, nontoxic, cheap to produce
    Thanx to and Linda Moulton Howe

    Can Flanagan Neurophone Help Rush Limbaugh's Deafness?

    Dr. Patrick Flanagan's Neurophone

    Official Anthrax Antidote Touted, Simple, Cheap to Produce

    Effective Anthrax Antidote: Colloidal Silver (solution/suspension of microscopic silver particles in water)
    Look for Robey Colloidal Silver Generator also listed previously (below). Also stops (most or all) other bacteria and viruses. Can be used along with some other antidotes (check with doctor). Once again, a major vital technology ignored for decades by those "powers that be." Comments/critique welcome, but as of the time of this writing, I believe there are very strong reasons to believe that colloidal silver is a real, effective antidote for anthrax and other biowar agents, and should be stockpiled by every household.

    Oasis Longevity Signal Formula
    Antiaging from the inside out

    Read All About It! FDA's Criminal Suppression of Health and Longevity in the USA

    Dr. Hulda Clark's "Zapper"

    Frigidity (also see Viacreme link below)

    Oleda Baker's Strongest Anti-Aging Wrinkle Formula
    If you are aging check it out! P.S. You are aging.

    Marijuana Revolution

    Dermal Tone Facial Toner (nonsurgical alternative to plastic surgery). Safe and effective. Also cheaper than surgery.

    Methuselah gene

    Indy gene

    Viacreme: Female Sex Drive Enhancer: Female "Viagra"

    HGH Human Growth Hormone Anti-Aging Therapy

    Aspartame, NutraSweet, and Death

    Advanced Cell Technology

    Geron and Advanced Cell Technology

    MGN-3 Cancer Cure

    HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Releasers: Lysine, Arginine, Ornithine: LEF Study: Longevity

    MGN-3 Cancer Cure or TherapyNontoxic. No side effects. Kills 30 percent of all cancer cells in the first hour. In two months, your immune system will be killing 27 times more cancer cells as compared to the rate prior to treatment. Info source: 21st Century Super Cures! Dr. David G. Williams, Alternatives, PO Box 61010, Rockville MD 20859-1010

    MGN-3 Cancer Cure or Therapy. Nontoxic.


    WaterRower US

    WaterRower (BodyTrends)

    Hot Superglue Cures 98% of All Cancers?? Verification needed.

    The Cure for Cancer??

    Prozac Survivor
    No I never took this stuff or any other similar shit. If drugs are not smart they should at least be fun. (UPDATE: Tried generic Prozac for several months, had first reportable car crash in 25 years, now phasing out Prozac, and trying some Provigil for diagnosed narcolepsy.)
    Prozac "was associated with more hospitalizations, deaths, or other serious adverse reactions reported to the FDA than any other drug in America." Business Week 3/16/98 p. 14.


    I absolutely detest perfectionists. Their behavior anyway... Hey, God is the only nonhypocritical perfectionist, right? Or did I lose ya somewhere along there..?


    Women's Health

    EntreMed: Endostatin protein. Natural protein stops angiogenesis (same therapeutic approach as shark cartilage protein supplements).

    Life Extension Foundation: New breakthroughs in Anti-aging research

    Anti-aging research found via Life Extension Foundation: Prolla

    Anti-aging research found via Life Extension Foundation: Weindruch

    Effective Virus Cure: Colloidal Silver Kills All Viruses. Robey Colloidal Silver Generators

    Also, general info on colloidal silver and how it destroys virus particles on contact. Very informative website, well designed & maintained. Colloidal silver is extremely safe. It is simply ionized silver molecules suspended in water via electrolysis.

    Treatment of Hemorrhagic Virus Patients (official U.S. source)

    CDC Info Center

    Hemorrhagic Viruses as "The Coming Plague"

    Links About Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever


    Note: Consult a physician before using any so-called "smart drugs." Some, such as Deaner and Hydergine, may cause psychotic breaks! This link is only for reference purposes. I use DMAE, a natural derivative of fish oil. I recommend only "smart drugs" that are natural and considered 100% safe.

    Nootropics Source

    Note: Consult a physician before using any so-called "smart drugs."


    Note: This link is for reference purposes only. Consult a physician before using any so-called "smart drugs."


    Note: This link is for reference purposes only. Consult a physician before using any so-called "smart drugs."

    Interview with Michael Fossel re Telomere Research (anti-aging therapies)

    Michael Fossel/ Author, Reversing Human Aging (William Morrow and Company) Clinical Professor of Medicine Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan

    Oral Human Growth Hormone Supplement Available

    CDC Alert!

    Aspartame/Nutrasweet Cancer Link Claimed


    Human Growth Hormone

    S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe): An Exciting New Antiaging Therapy

    Virus in Action

    Ebola Vaccine

    Russian Ebola Cure Posted on Outbreak

    Are We Prepared for a Super-Ebola Pandemic Emergency?

    Anxiety Disorders

    Taiwan Infant Deaths: Enterovirus Update July 1998

    Mosquitoes Can Transmit the AIDS Virus, Says Government

    "CAN MOSQUITOES TRANSMIT AIDS? The government says `YES.' Information in this booklet reveals that: The HIV virus survives for 48 hours in a mosquito and for 72 hours in a bedbug. Experiments have shown that AIDS can be transmitted by mosquitoes. This 43 page booklet entitled Do Insects Transmit AIDS, initially published by the U.S. Congress, is now available only through Rockford Press."

    Ebola Vaccine

    "Guinea pigs can be protected from Ebola virus infection by immunization with plasmids containing the viral genes for either the secreted or transmembrane forms of the viral glycoprotein, GP."

    Telomerase: The End of Cancer?

    Geron Corporation Investor Info

    Geron Corporation and Other Longevity-Related Biotech Companies

    Life Extension's Latest News on Geron Corporation and Telomerase: Genetic Engineering for Longevity

    Prozac and Alternative Natural Therapies

    Prozac and Murder

    Prozac: Subway Bomber Who Asserted Prozac® Defense Convicted

    Prozac et al.: What You Should Know About Psychiatry and Psychiatric Drugs

    Prozac and Road Rage

    Xanax on Trial

    Hepatitis C Breakthrough

    Hepatitis C Protocol (Life Extension Foundation

    Dermatique Skin Care Products (Including Scar Treatment)

    Flesh-Eating Bacteria Links
    Please see Colloidal Silver Information Listed Below on This Page

    Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Strep A Necrotizing Fasciitis

    National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation

    Geron Corporation: Telomerase Breakthrough in Life Extension Research

    3-Hour Heroin Detox! (No, I never used h, thank goodness.)

    Geron Corporation

    Life Extension Foundation's "What's Hot" News for Anti-Aging, Antidepressant, Weight Loss Info, etc.

    Dr. Day's Different Cancer Therapy

    Hydrazine Sulfate Cancer Treatment

    Cetyl Myristoleate

    Heroin Detox, Rapid, Effective, Drug-Assisted, Painless

    Silica Hydride, Most Powerful Antioxidant Yet Discovered?

    3-Hour Heroin Detox!

    Shark Cartilage Treatment for Macular Degeneration

    Electronic Acne Treatment

    Sonicare for Your Teeth

    Dental Implants Improved

    Supplement of Choice for Natural, Safe Leukemia Treatment

    Skin Cancer Treatment with Money-Back Guarantee

    Grapefruit Seed Extract Antiviral Wonder Supplement

    Sambucol Elderberry Extract Stops Viruses

    Try Trimethyl Glycine!
    Powerful new antiaging supplement, also precursor to SAM-e, the best known natural antidepressant

    Dr. Patrick Flanagan's Silica Hydride: Most Powerful Antioxidant Yet Discovered?

    Affordable Human Growth Hormone Supplement Reverses Aging Process

    Are You Clear of Parasites?

    Rife's Cancer Treatment

    Prion Diseases

    Colloidal Silver
    If you have a virus or bacterial infection, click here. Robey Colloidal Silver Generator--Make your own colloidal silver for a few cents per ounce.

    Full-Spectrum Illumination for Health

    Ban White Fluorescents!

    Tantra Yoga Website

    Dr. Joel D. Wallach
    "One of the most powerful antibacterial compounds known" is called Citricidal and is available from Dr. David Williams, Mountain Home Publishing, PO Box 829, Ingram, TX 78025 USA. Tel. 1-800-527-3044.

    Life Extension Foundation

    NutraSweet (aspartame)
    A Deadly Health Menace

    The Cure for All Diseases by Hulda Clark.

    Afraid of Taking Prozac?

    Life Extension Foundation

    LifePlus Vitamins: Nondrug, Nutritional Treatments for Depression, Obesity, etc.


    Journal of Longevity Research

    Wilhelm Reich's Orgonomy


    Heroin Kills

    The Zapper
    Dr. Ruth recommended

    Paranormal Priorities

    Poltergeist Kills Baby?
    Now those are some court transcripts I'd like to read...! The strange case of Tina Resch (aired on Unsolved Mysteries 4/24/2002)

    Farmington NM UFO Armada Sighting Hushed Up by Military

    Dr. Berthold Schwarz Attests to Pyrokinetic and Levitation Abilities of Joey Nuzum
    Photo of Nuzum's Levitation

    Reynard Beck's Levitation
    Ok so it's impossible. So what.

    Sound Levitation Method Detailed. Even has numbers, measurements, and similar items of interest. This has been on the Internet since 1994 and no aerospace folks are looking into it, of course. Why would they. Wouldn't want to rock the boat.

    David Home's Levitation

    Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM

    Amanita muscaria
    Speaks for itself

    Ted Owens article by Dr. Harder
    Ted Owens is reputed to have been able to direct lightning--that caught my attention because during the 1970s I was able to do this several times myself in Colorado. Ted Owens links found via Coast to Coast AM radio show.

    The PK Man by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.

    Travis Walton UFO Abduction

    Uri Geller Telekinesis

    Psychic Spy

    Magola Telekinesis

    Time Travel

    MiningCo Paranormal Links

    Bigfoot Links

    Best Updated UFO Reports 1/25/99


    Official Psi-Tech Website

    Phillip Krapf's book "Contact Has Begun"

    Background Info on Phillip Krapf

    Aliens Captured and/or Killed in Venezuela

    Alien Implants Removed from Human Patients

    Above Black

    Above Black

    Above Black
    All about how an agent was trained by the NSA to understand telepathic communications with grey aliens.

    Billy Meier's Official Website

    Cartoon Physics

    UFO BC

    Crop Circle Connector

    Franklin Pierce College: Parapsychology

    Hessdalen Phenomenon: The Triangle Project

    Levitation or Gravity Control, John Keely (1894)

    Bob Lazar

    "Hello Stupid!"
    Interesting reading.. why is the author of this piece so bitter?

    Flying Saucer Simulator at Area 51

    Area 51

    CSETI: Extraterrestrial Links

    Mutual UFO Network

    Linda Moulton Howe

    Spontaneous Human Combustion