Plan for experimental research on new propulsion methods
Electromagnetic propeller
Heat-to-electricity conversion
Free energy generator
Propulsion by means of asymmetrical centrifugal force
Electrogravitics and Gyroscope propulsion experiments It is experiment of July 22, 1999.
Video on it also was included in CD "Gravitation experiments in home laboratory".
Gravitation as Gradient of Pressure  Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics for space drive
Electrostatic generator W.Hyde's machine
Swiss M-L  Rotor, high voltage and magnets.
Time control projects  Some technical proposals for time rate control experiments
Thermogravitics  Asymmetry for entropy as propulsion way
Heatpipe as drive
Chronal theory development to time and gravity control  Proposals for new kind of propulsion
Medical Experiments on DNA resonance
Medical experiment on aging
Magnet motor-generator Over-unity generator
Gravimagnetic field  Electric current that is produced by proton
Tesla's flat spiral coil  Asymmetrical electromagnetism
Water vortex by V.Shauberger
Segner's rotor of 1750
Hertz-Quincke-Sumoto effect
Self-generating electric discharge (SGED)
Longitudinal waves for telecommunication
Direct transformation of heat in electricity" in non-linear materials
High Efficiency Electrolysis of Water
Frequency Modulation in Electromagnetic Transformer
Unipolar generator with plasma as Faraday disk
Single-wire power transmission
Longitudinal wave generation
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